Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 Mock Crash at BHS

Thanks to the organizational efforts of Health Teachers Amy Doughy and Chrissy Weeden,  Associate Principal Deb Deacon, the Burlington Police Department and Safety Officer Bernie Schipelliti, the Burlington Fire Department and Lieutenant Mark Saia, our partners at Lahey Clinic, and Boston MedFlight - Burlington High School was able to hold our bi-annual mock crash last week.  

Juniors and seniors at BHS watched a video of their peers at the house of a friend, engaging in risky behaviors including drinking and driving while under the influence which led to a staged crash. This staged crash resulted in multiple injuries and fatalities.  After the staged crash and MedFlight helicopter response, students listened to MedFlight Staff about the grim reality of what can happen as the result of poor decision making. MedFlight staff shared that this accident is something they see on a day to day basis. The mock crash helps to reinforce with our students the importance of making positive and constructive decisions.

With the Burlington High School prom this Friday, senior activities a couple weeks away, and the summer season fast approaching, this program is intended to remind everyone that bad decisions can have serious consequences. This is never meant to be a 'scare tactic', and it's always our hope that program lends our community to think about the harsh, and all too real, consequences that poor decision making can lead to.

You can see some pictures below from the event and BCAT was on the scene and did a terrific news story on the event - you can see it on their web page HERE.

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