Friday, December 15, 2017

Burlington High School December Citizens of the Month


There are many positive things to say about Mr. Parkin.  Following him on Twitter it is amazing how many great activities he is doing with his classes. He is truly an inspiration to teachers  He is not afraid to try new things in his classes.  In addition, he inspires his students to work toward common goals and thinks globally to make the world a better place.

Rob coaches many youth teams.  He is a very giving person, dedicating his time to many.

He engages in political conversations and can debate his points while being respectful and will listen to other viewpoints.  I have talked with Rob on quite a few days about heated topics and I always fuel our conversations have been very productive.

In addition to all of the things he does for the global community, and for all he does for the students of BHS.  He is a truly kind co-worker and mentor to many. He is a most solid citizen and respected colleague at Burlington High School.


Joel has grown so much over the past (almost) four years at BHS.  Since his freshman
year, he has been a passionate learner of the Spanish language and of the people of the Spanish speaking world. His eagerness to want to communicate with the Hispanic community members at school or during his job(s) motivated him to develop excellent near-native fluency skills.

As an active member of the Spanish Club since 9th grade, Joel currently is one of the co-presidents and takes his leadership role seriously.  He spends time at club meetings educating his peers about service to community members, including Spanish speakers living in nearby towns.  He has been an active participant and this year, a leader in organizing donation drives for the More Than Words organization and YWCA Fia House of Lawrence Food Drive.

Most notably, he takes time out of his day to reflect with teachers and his peers about current events, natural disasters, and every day BHS activities.  He is a model to his peers on how to develop positive relationships with others.

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