Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Burlington High School Citizens of the Month

As we work to integrate our core values, learning expectations, and mission statement into all aspects of our school curriculum and culture, we are developing new forms of recognition. This year, in addition to the Student of the Month, we will name BHS Citizens of the Month. Our goal for each month is to identify both a student and a faculty/staff member who exemplifies responsible citizenship and demonstrates the school’s mission:

A responsible citizen in 21st century America works to uphold and promote core democratic values by seeking knowledge and understanding, communicating openly and honestly, serving the common good, and engaging in civic action.  A responsible citizen values and affirms all members of the community and advocates for equity and justice. The BHS Responsible Citizen of the Month is someone whose actions demonstrate these core values and reflect the school’s mission.


Jessie has piloted an extension of the United Nations-sponsored Girl Up! Club, which advocates for equity, education, and equal rights for girls around the world and specifically in developing countries. Jessie is passionate about global feminism, educating women, and promoting gender parity in the US and throughout the world. As the advisor of the club, I have a firsthand knowledge of Jessie's commitment to understanding different perspectives in our school; her desire to bring students together in leadership roles; and her enthusiasm and commitment to helping young women at home and across the globe achieve their fullest potential.


Ms. Weeden consistently supports school projects and promotes school initiatives. She helps her students to recognize the need to serve the community and assists them in their endeavors to do so. While her recent work on Dig Pink is evidence of her ability to model civic action and to engage the Burlington community in an effort to make a difference, that project is just one example of her impact at BHS.  Ms. Weeden inspires others through her actions and her attitude. By building strong relationships with students and colleagues, helping to affirm all members of our community, and working to prompt positive change, Chrissy inspires those around her to do the same.

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