Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Congratulations to the Tenacity Challenge Students

From the Blog of BHS Art Teacher Ms. Christina Chang:

Congratulations to the wonderful students who participated in the 2017 Tenacity Challenge held at Bedford High School.

Pictured left to right:
Luis Villalta, Martello Cesar, Angela Camacho-DeSousa, Amelia Murphy, Souleiman Benhida, State Rep. Russell Holmes, Benjamin Ramirez, Kenan Wilson, Ranya Paul, Nshuti Cindy Niyonzima, Dylan Lechner, Alexx Francois, Druper Kayondo, Gianni Newman, Khyle Pena
Not included in the picture but also on competed in the challenge:
Julian Lechner, Britney Jean-Baptiste, Rebecca Wilson

The Tenacity Challenge competition consisted of four events centered around the theme of tenacity and leadership.

  • Science and Math Quiz Bowl Challenge (Physics, Chemistry, Algebra I, Geometry)
  • Latino and African-American Literature Response Challenge (Filmed Performance of a Creative Response, Accompanied by a Rationale)
  • History Argument Challenge (Team will research and argue a position before a panel of judges)
  • Tenacity Mural Challenge- artistic creation completed prior to the competition date and displayed at the competition.

The students worked hard preparing for the competition (see pictures below) and spent their Saturday at the event competing in the four areas. This year we sent three teams of students (our largest group!) Burlington was well represented by this talented and bright group of students!


Team Creative Minds of Burlington won second place in the Math and Science Quiz bowl! ​For many members of this team it was a their third year participating in the event.

Special Thanks to State Representative  Russell Holmes, State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez and Austin Ashe Assistant Director of Student and Alumni Relations - MIT and UMass Boston Adjunct Professor on Hip Hop Pedagogy and Cultural Values, who graciously spent time with the students in preparation for their History Challenge.


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