Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Change to Burlington High School's 1:1 program for the Class of 2021

June 20, 2017

This post is to make you aware of a change to Burlington High School's 1:1 technology program. Beginning with the class of 2021, BHS will now be supplying students with touchscreen Chromebooks.

When Burlington High School first went one to one 6 years ago, we made an annual commitment to assess and explore the best available options for students. As you probably know, over the last several years, technology has rapidly changed. The options for devices has increased drastically and devices have become more and more similar in function and use. As these changes have been occurring, BHS administration and staff have been monitoring them closely and having discussions about what we believe currently meets our student’s learning needs best.

Over the course of the last year, Burlington High School administration, staff, and students have been surveyed and there have been many conversations amongst students and staff about the most appropriate device for our high school students. After much debate and deliberation, the decision was made to move away from the iPad and start supplying students with a touchscreen Chromebook.

Please keep in mind, there is no such thing as the perfect device for everyone, but Burlington has made a commitment to ensure every student has a device and is taught how to use it to enhance their educational experience. The touchscreen Chromebook allows students to continue to annotate, make videos, and work synchronically with our Google Apps for Education platform. In addition several other reasons we are making this shift include:

  • Research - especially through a web browser on a Chromebook is an experience like on any laptop, and just about any site that you navigate to will be usable
  • Input - built in keyboard
  • Maintenance - with a Chromebook, almost nothing is stored internally, you won’t have to allocate the same amount of time toward maintaining a clean device.
  • Learning Environment - High school teachers organizing their classrooms using Google Classroom.  A growing percentage of Colleges/Universities also using a Google Platform.

Please be aware that we have set dates for distribution of student devices. You do not need to register, simply show up at one of the four times:

Wednesday, August 16 (9AM and 7PM)
Monday, August 28 (9AM and 7PM)

If you have any questions regarding the shift in our provided device, please contact the high school for support.

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