Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017 Aggarwal Award

Since the Spring of 2003, the Pushap Lata Aggarwal Award has been given bi-annually to a Burlington High School Teacher or Counselor. The award, which recognizes excellence in teaching, is funded by the Roshan L. Aggarwal Family.  

Past recipients of the Aggarwal Award are:

2003 Mr. Don Tocci and Mrs. Leslie Tyman
2005 Mr. Chuck Wood
2007 Mrs. Eileen Poehler
2009 Mr. Alan McRae
2011 Mr. Bob Conceison
2013 Mr. Matt Lovell
2015 Mr. Matt Carr

Mrs. Graham with the Aggarwals

Congratulations to Mrs. Callie Graham on being recognized by our community for excellence in teaching. Below are some of the sentiments from her nominations:

I have never experienced a teacher/ colleague that is so truly invested in the children like this teacher. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about teaching.

Is kind and has a very good sense of humor. She teaches in a way that is thorough and easy to understand. She is also very understanding of ALL students and their individual needs

Makes learning fun, and difficult-to-digest work seem simpler. It is obvious that she loves her job, and working with all types students. Along with her teaching skills, she understands that we are all students under a significant amount of pressure, and acknowledges that we all have our off days. She is my favorite teacher, and an amazing person.

Cares about her students and takes the time to fully explain things and she teaches a class that I actually look forward to going to, every time.

She is accepting and creates a positive learning atmosphere and extremely understanding and considerate of her students. She is always fair and influences everyone to be a bigger part of the community, no matter how small the action.

Is really helpful and engaging teacher.  I love the way she teachers and she’s very thoughtful.

Is an amazing teacher, and truly loves what she does. Always encourages improvement in writing and comprehending skills, and does not discourage incorrect answers. Is always open to helping further your skills after school, and helping you understand assignments one on one.

Mrs. Callie Graham is very knowledgeable as well as kind and insightful. She always knows how to help people who are struggling in her class and is great at teaching for understanding.


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