Monday, March 13, 2017

Architecture Students Tour Three Fantastic Spaces Where Designers Create

From BHS Art Teacher Ms. Chang's Blog:

My architecture students had the pleasure of visiting three wonderful spaces and meeting with talented architects and designers last week.

​Here is a summary of our great day!


We are fortunate here at BHS to have Ariana Fabrizio, daughter of Anthony Fabrizio and owner of Fabrizio Corporation. This successful business is known for the high quality millwork that they create for commercial and
residential clients. The students toured their wonderful shop and got to see a CNC machine in action!

Here is what Brendan had to say:
"I did not know The CNC machine at Fabrizio Corp could make such complicated designs and make a copy of something that was made by hand 100 years ago."


My proud teacher moment came at CBT Architects when my two former students Dan Ricardelli and Meagan Kelley welcomed us to their office. Dan is a registered architect and Meagan is an interior designer with the firm, Robin Adams ( CBT Interior Designer) the students toured CBT's great building. They learned about the day to day work of designers at that firm, saw their library and even got to see the model building workshop in action!
"I liked touring the CBT firm, as it was interesting to see what the actual work space and building of a firm looks like, and hearing what its like to work there from someone on a similar path to me. " Ryan, Grade 10


​Last year Autodesk created a build space that you can read about here:

Designer Ben Uyeda of HomeMade-Modern has generous donated his time to BHS students once again, He met us at Autodesk and shared the information about the Autodesk space and toured the students through. He discussed his projects and how he as used the tools to enhance his designs and experiment.


​And the last treat for the day was a meet up with former student and Designer
Kristy Lyons. Kristy is not only a fashion blogger @ Kristy also works at Consigli Construction in construction management.


Thank you to all of wonderful designers and artists who graciously took time to educate our students!

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