Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our weekend in Madrid

BHS Students and Teachers share experiences from their first few days in Spain. You can follow their BLOG for more information.
We just got back from the Atlético match and what an exciting match it was.  Atlético Madrid fell behind twice and ended up winning in the last couple of minutes 3-2.

Here is what some of our students did on Saturday:
Yesterday we went to Madrid which was super interesting. It was much bigger and crowded than expected, it reminded me a lot of boating or NYC. I tried a calamari sandwich which is apparently very famous in Spain and I found it to be pretty good. There are also a lot of peaceful protests in Spain which I was very happy to see. The Spaniards informed us that Spain made protesting illegal so I thought it was interesting how the citizens went about it.”
“¡Buenos Días!
In the few days I have been in Spain, I have already traveled throughout the country. For the weekend, my host family was kind enough to take me to a special place in Spain; where there is much to see and even more to do. We went to the Lagunas de Ruidera, a place filled with natural beauty in 14 different colored lakes, each with a respectively different environment. Not only did we observe the Lagunas, we also hiked, walked, took plenty of photos, and ate even more along the route of Don Quijote throughout parts of Spain. In the picture, I am standing with my host family (Pilar, me, José, Sofia and Lorena) in front of a cueva home (a home built into the ground) from the 1200s”
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.01.52 AM.png
“Yesterday, (Saturday) a bunch of us traveled by train to the heart of Madrid. We ate Spanish ham, calamari, and of course, churros. I did not imagine the country’s capital to be as crowded as NYC. There were crowds waiting for Spain’s famous pastry shop (similar to our Mike’s Pastry), crowds shopping, crowds protesting, and crowds protesting the protesters.
The scheduling in Spain is very different. The sleepier I become, the closer to dinner time it is. I’ll admit, a full stomach at 11:30 does make it significantly easier to fall asleep. Going to school a whole hour later makes life a bit easier as well.
Overall, I’m having a fantastic time with my host family. Every Spanish family member, is genuine, kind, and quite honestly hilarious. During dinner we attempt to discuss each other’s current political situations. I enjoy learning about the Spanish government through the opinions of Spain’s own people.”
“We have seen so much in the 4 days we have been in Spain. We saw a rally against the building of the wall in the center of Madrid with signs saying that no one is illegal. Also we talked about Trump in English class and how no one in the class likes him. On a positive note, We ate calamari with the bubbliest Coca Cola in the world!
“Yesterday we walked around Madrid for hours, did some shopping and ate at tons of bakeries. We went to the center and recognized the place from the show “Mi Vida Loca” from freshman year Spanish. It was wicked cool.”
My favorite part during this trip so far was seeing where mi vida loca was filmed. I loved walking around Madrid and seeing how different all the culture was.”
I went to Segovia with Alba’s family yesterday. They took me to see this beautiful cathedral.”
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.06.42 AM.png
On Saturday we took the train into Madrid to shops and look around. It reminded me of Boston because it was so busy. Villalba IS a beautiful town and I like it here. In Madrid on Saturday there were protests that were pro refugees and against trump. I found this interesting that people in other countries were basically protesting a president who wasn’t theirs.”
Saturday, I went to Madrid. We met with all the others and explored and shopped. Madrid is just as busy as New York, but the buildings are a lot older. it’s super beautiful! Sunday, i went to a fútbol game. It was very rainy but the team i liked most won. Even though it was cold, it was so fun being with everyone.”

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