Thursday, February 9, 2017

Burlington High School Post Graduation Party

Please see the note below from the BHS Post Graduation Party Committee. I have attended this event for the last nine graduating classes. It is an excellent event, but would not be possible without the community's  help. Please consider getting involved so that this event continues to run smoothly.


For over 25 years, the Burlington community has come together to host an all night, fully chaperoned, alcohol-free celebration for our graduating seniors.  This event is organized by parents and requires months of planning.  We are in desperate need of help on the committee that meets ONLY 3-4 times during the school year and produces lasting memories for the graduating seniors.   
Here’s two ways that you can help!
1.     Join the committee by emailing:
2.     Make a donation online at: or send us a donation via mail   to:      

           BHS Post- Grad Party                                                                                                                
           c/o Burlington High School                                                                                                    
           123 Cambridge Street                                                                                                    
           Burlington, Ma 01803    
Attention 2017 Graduating Seniors and Senior Parents:  The official party rules will no longer be distributed via mail.  We are asking students and parents to review the rules located at:   

Please Note:  Senior student registrations for the party will start in May.

Please visit the Post Grad Party Website located at: : and contact if you have any further questions!

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