Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Based upon early feedback, some students have voiced their opinion and stated that they prefer the use of their own personal device instead of a school issued iPad. In order to facilitate this request, Juniors and Seniors will have the ability to connect one personal device to the BPS wifi network through the following process:

To connect a personal device, other than your school issued iPad, you will have to do following:

You will need to return your fully functioning school issued iPad OR buy out the remaining cost of your school iPad.

Prices for school issued iPads are as follows:

iPad 2 - $50
iPad 4 - $125
iPad Air - $200
iPad Air 2 - $379

Starting tomorrow morning (1/4), a student may return their fully functioning school issued iPad or provide payment for the remaining cost of their school iPad to the BHS Help Desk or IT Department. Students should bring their personal device so that it can be registered on the BPS WIFI network.

Again, please be aware that, just like upon graduation, a school iPad must be in good working condition with the charger to be accepted upon return.

If there any questions or if additional support beyond this accommodation is needed please contact the BHS Main Office.

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