Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Burlington High School December Students of The Month

Congratulations to Burlington High School's December Students of the Month: Yaju Tuladhar and Souleiman Benhida!

Yaju Tuladhar is a curious, passionate, and ambitious senior here at Burlington High School. In her academic career, she’s challenged herself by taking on rigorous college-level courses and maintaining difficult studies. Along with her plethora of A.P. classes, her favorites include Film, Creative Writing, and History. She is a member of National Honor Society, the BHS Mentoring Team, and has won several unique awards ranging from the Collab Short Story Winner to the Book Awards. Her lifelong dream is to be a writer, but until then, she hopes to major in Political Science and become a lawyer.

In the community, she is a strong participant, leading as Vice President and Co-Founder of BHS’s Unicef, Vice President of Students Asian Culture Awareness, and Social Coordinator of Multicultural Club. Yaju has been on the Debate Team for four years and a leader of many other clubs, always fundraising or raising awareness to a significant social piece of Burlington’s community. She’s raised over hundreds of dollars for several causes. She has been playing on the field hockey team throughout high school. Away from school, she has volunteered 100+ hours at Lahey Clinic over the summers and more hours through Adopt-a-Class’s frequent events. Once, she went to Spain for two-weeks for a foreign exchange program and plans to go to the Euro-Trip in April. Yaju is the Vice President of the class of 2017.

While she’s not striving for the stars or balancing everything on her plate, she likes to focus on other equally important parts of her life, such as spending time with her lovely family and hilarious friends. She can be found traveling, reading, or singing from the top of her lungs very off key. Or napping. Probably napping. She likes to write, and she is finishing up on the novel she’s been working for over four years on. With 50 million reads, 60 thousand followers, and several publishing deals, Yaju has grown a solid fan base and quite an extraordinary hobby.

Her favorite color is wine, favorite season is early fall, favorite genre is fantasy, and favorite letter is F. She enjoys chocolate-chip bagels, making people laugh, and ziplining off incredible heights to get an adrenaline rush. Known for her adventurous and impulsive behavior, Yaju is a positive and goofy character that loves being the highlight of a person’s day or being able to give back to the world in any way. At the same time, she is driven and fearless. Her goal is to be a big part of something bigger, to challenge and change life, and always fight for what’s right. Yaju Tuladhar is an avid learner, explorer, and dreamer.

Souleiman’s interests lie at the confluence of computer science and entrepreneurship. He aspires to work on a startup in the future, using skills and networking from college to help catapult his ventures. Souleiman has been coding ever since he was seven. His first foray into coding was a website that his father helped him make; ever since then he has largely self-taught himself various methods of development and several programming languages using online resources. He has published an iPhone game to the App Store, worked on an online iPhone development freelance job, and has submitted a Windows Phone app to a Microsoft competition.
He uses these skills within the school community as co-founder and co-president of the Programming Club, which helps teach new coders and participates in competitions. Supporting Souleiman’s more business oriented side, he is the executive president of the Student Council. Before that, he was class vice-president his junior year and class treasurer his sophomore year.
Souleiman desires to share his knowledge and opportunities with his community. Last summer, he volunteered with the Burlington Summer Robotics camp. Currently, he teaches an introductory programming class for younger students at the Medford Boys and Girls’ club.

His skills are supported by his scholastic efforts, both in his AP Computer Science class with Ms. Bednarcik, and in his other math, science, and humanities classes, where he has earned high grades. Souleiman is additionally a National Hispanic Scholar, and last year earned the Dartmouth Book Award.

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