Thursday, November 10, 2016

Students Learn from Designer Ben Uyeda

Guest post from Mrs. Christina Change - Students Learn from Designer Ben Uyeda:

It is so wonderful when artists and designers take the time to educate and share with students! We were so fortunate to have Architect, Artist, Designer and YouTuber
Ben Uyeda of Home Made Modern visit and spend time sharing his knowledge and talents with students.
Ben spoke with students in the Architecture class, Web Design, Photography and well as Business and Marketing students about his path and career from Architect to Designer who shares his ideas and designs via social media.
He shared many great tips for students including:
"Build skills even if you do not know what you want to do with them. Skills are universal. Don't focus in specific knowledge "
"Most people look directly ahead of them and do what they are told. Make sure when you are not doing what your told that you are doing something useful"
Students in my architecture class had many great takeaways from Ben's talk. He validated what students have as their current knowledge base and what a huge value and asset they are to the workforce and design world.
This is what the students said that they learned:
-Start small and work your way up
-Learn concepts, not prescriptions.
-The new generation holds many skill sets that the old generations don't have. ​
Alexandria, Grade 11
-Listen to what you know and your young mind.
Quinlan, Grade 11
-Bigger is not all better
-It's not all about making the most money possible
-Making affordable furniture and houses for people in need is better than trying to make the most money.
Brendan, Grade 12

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