Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Burlington high School November Students of the Month

Congratulations to BHS Students of the Month for November MiKenna Mattson and Julian Lechner!

MiKenna Mattson 

MiKenna Mattson is a senior at Burlington High School. Over the past four years, she has taken many rigorous courses including some of her favorite courses, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English, and Public Speaking. Within these classes, she has earned high grades which have been reflected in her test scores. Academically, she has a desire to learn and enjoys applying the lessons she learns in school to her life. In college, she hopes to study either chemical engineering or computational biology with a focus in genetics.

For her extracurriculars, MiKenna is very involved in the athletic department. She is a four year varsity athlete in soccer and helped to bring her team to the state tournament this season. During the winter season, MiKenna participates in indoor track and field. For this team, she has been a captain for two years, is a four year varsity athlete, has been to the state meet every season, and is the top pentathlete in the Middlesex League. Also, she runs outdoor track where she is a four year varsity athlete, the returning Middlesex League Champion in the High Jump, and a record holder in the 3 x triple jump relay. Her favorite events are high jump, where she is aiming to break the school record, triple jump, the 200 meter, and the 600 meter. She uses her experiences in these athletics to get involved with the community. For example, she volunteers at the community youth track program. The most fulfilling part of her experience as an athlete is supporting her teammates, being a leader, and helping young athletes in the community gain confidence and a desire to compete.

MiKenna has been involved in student government for four years. She is now on the student council executive board. She is a member of National Honor Society and takes pride in being a leader in school. MiKenna has 170 hours of community service at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center and gets involved with Adopt-A-Class volunteering annually. In her free time, MiKenna enjoys hanging out with friends and family. In the future, she hopes to further her interests in biology and chemistry while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping important personal relationships.  

Julian Lechner

As a senior at BHS, Julian Lechner has picked up a lot of experience on the way. He is a well-rounded individual, with high grades and plenty of extracurriculars and sports seasons under his belt. But besides a strong academic profile, Julian is more passionate in the journey of learning and creating a difference, and he uses the school just for that. Julian strongly believes that success in life stems not through the results of a report card, but from one’s work ethic, attitude toward adversity, and passion for what they do. As a leader of multiple school organizations, Julian has been able to reach out to peers and younger students to inspire them to make a change in their community, stressing that they can be who they want to be, as long as they put in the proper amount of work. 

Julian has a strong passion towards math, science, and programming. He understands that coding is the future. It is a powerful tool that is able to connect the world in ways that had never before been seen. Over the past summer, Julian has been able to see this concept come to life. While interning at GreenLight Biosciences in Medford, MA, Julian was able to work among a community of scientists, engineers and businessmen at a biological laboratory. While working on an automated pH control system for microreactors, Julian was able to apply his programming knowledge that he learned from his computer science teacher, Ms. Bednarcik. Applying his knowledge and seeing its effects come to life truly inspired Julian to continue learning. He is eager to major in Chemical Engineering with a biological focus, along with studying programming while in college.

Julian also dreams to one day travel across the world with his best friend. He has already seen many different parts of the world, and does not plan on stopping so. More than trying out a country’s foods, Julian loves to draw connections between a modern-day nation and its past. Through experiencing different cultures across the world, he has witnessed its beautiful parts, but also its unfortunate aspects. However, Julian is motivated to one day use the knowledge he will have gained to create a profound, positive difference in the global community.
Julian’s message to all who read this is not to boast about his achievements, but to demonstrate that with a passion and a strong drive, one can be whatever they choose to be, and that an individual holds as much power as they choose to hold.

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