Monday, September 12, 2016

21st Century Learning Expectations (Window for Feedback)

Last spring the Burlington High School community worked to redefine our mission statement and core values and beliefs. As a reminder, the product of that work is:
Our second phase is to redefine our 21st learning expectations. We solicited input last spring for our learning expectations, and we now have a working draft. We are currently seeking feedback and input.

The core values and beliefs committee draft proposal is as follows:

BHS students will be challenged to become the best version of themselves by developing and exhibiting accountability, adaptability and tenacity in their academic, civic and social interactions.

  • Students will define their own questions and come up with creative solutions to the problems/challenges they encounter.
  • Students will work both independently and collaboratively to solve problems.
  • Students will act with integrity in all academic endeavors.
  • Students will demonstrate strength of character as an individual.
  • Students will exhibit respect and regard for others in all interactions.
  • Students will engage the outside world through the lens of global citizenship.

Please send your feedback on this draft to the committee chairs Ms. Abigail Abbott ( or Ms. Stephanie Fishel ( Feedback can also be sent directly to me at

There will be a 2 week window for feedback from parents, community members, students, and staff. After feedback is heard and taken under consideration by the committee a final version will be proposed to the BHS faculty for a vote.

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