Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Map Adventures ~ BHS Juniors teach our Elementary Students

From Señora Dacey and the World Languages Blog:

Señora Dacey and Profe DeSousa’s Spanish IV Juniors spearheaded an adventure through South America last week in the BHS Dance Studio.  Along with the support of the BPS curriculum office, including Mr. Patrick Larkin and Mrs. Rosemary Camacho-DeSousa, we were able to rent a Giant Traveling Map of South America from National Geographic for two weeks this past month.  

When the map arrived to campus, the Spanish IV students explored the map and the contents that came along with the map’s treasure chest.  The Juniors developed activity stations where they created hands on learning activities that were both fun and engaging in order to better reach the minds and spirits of the visiting elementary students from the Burlington Schools.

Upon arrival, the elementary learners were greeted by Junior student “tour guides” and, then, they began their “tour” of South America.
There were five “stops” on their itinerary including…
  • an “I Spy” coloring activity of the Amazon Rain Forest animals,
  • a Galapagos Island lesson on the famous finches and an even a guest appearance from “Cheeseburger” our BPS Science Center tortoise,
  • an introduction to the northern region of South America, including its animals and their habitats,
  • a scavenger hunt of various sites located in the southern region of South America along with a mountain building activity of the Andes,
  • and a dance lesson of both the Salsa and Merengue latin dances
Students from Francis Wyman, Pine Glen, Memorial, and Fox Hill were energetic and excited.  For that reason, our BHS Spanish students were thrilled to interact and teach the young learners about the curricular theme that many are so passionate about at this stage of their Spanish learning career.
The BHS World Language Department looks forward to more interactive teaching experiences in the future regarding language and cultural learning opportunities with the students in the BPS system.

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