Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Shadow a Student Challenge

I am happy to say that I will be participating in the national Shadow a Student Challenge initiative. On Friday I will be accompanying a Junior student from homeroom through the end of the day. Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO (one of the organizing companies of this initiative) wrote a nice article about this challenge to school administrators, you can read it here.

Shadow a Student day is exactly what it sounds like, I will be accompanying a student from homeroom through the end of the day. Both local and national colleagues of mine have decided to take this challenge to see what our schools are like from the lens of a student, develop some empathy, and gain some hands on examples of ways we can improve our schools. From their website, the organization sums it up this way:

When students feel known and valued by an adult at their school, they show up. When they are engaged in relevant, challenging work, they are building competencies for college, career, and civic life. What is it like to be a student at your school? To ride the bus? Juggle the workload? Fit into the culture?

From February 29 – March 4, 2016, we're asking school leaders to clear calendars, silence walkie-talkies, throw on sneakers, and immerse themselves in student life for a day. Join the community of educators committed to rethinking the student experience-starting by walking in the shoes of a student. See you at the bus stop.
I look forward to spending the day with students and in classrooms at BHS and to the valuable insights I will gain on the daily routines of our kids.

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