Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mary Poppins Posters

From the blog of BHS Art Teacher Mr. Keith Mistler:

The winning poster design by senior Nate Siket
Have you ever wondered how the BHS school musical poster is designed? The digital publishing class at Burlington High School works very closely with Mr. John Middleton (K-12 Music Coordinator) and Ms. Kate McMahon on the cover. They came into the classroom in December to talk about the project. Students asked questions and then we all watched the movie together. With the theme of Mary Poppins in mind, all students created sketches on paper first. The class critiqued the sketches and we moved forward with the designs on the computer. Each student

Nate's design was chosen for the realistic look of Mary, as well as containing the London skyline and the magic found in the musical. He originally used Mary Poppins' face, but that was swapped with the face of the actress playing Mary in the BHS version.

Below are the other fantastic designs by the digital publishing class:
Teresa Chai

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