Thursday, March 17, 2016

BHS Spanish Students visit Sprouts!


BHS AP Spanish students traveled to Burlington’s Sprouts preschool classroom located at Francis Wyman Elementary School last week to teach Spanish.  Our advanced Spanish learners shared their language knowledge, such as colors, numbers and animal vocabulary en español.  They began their visit with a song activity, including phrases like holabuenos díascómo estásmuy bien y tú and soy, followed by a story time read aloud featuring the classic book Oso pardo, oso pardo ¿qué ves allí? (Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?) in Spanish.  It was a excellent book selection since the Sprouts preschool curriculum recently included an exploration of works by author Eric Carle.  Following story time, students participated in an art project where they colored in the animals from the story, cut out their pictures and attached them to craft sticks.  Afterwards, they returned to circle time to read the book again while pronouncing the Spanish words for the animals and colors at the same time they held up the appropriate stick that matched the animal being described.
PART_1457639063423_20160307_103126The BHS AP Spanish students loved story time, however they especially enjoyed interacting with the preschoolers while speaking to them in Spanish.  Señora Dacey and her students wish to thank Ms. Jenn, Ms. Taryn, Ms. Victoria and Ms. Dianne for welcoming the “big kids” at Sprouts.

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