Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Students Learn Tremendous Amount from Alumni Artist Day 2016

From the blog of BHS Art Teacher Christina Chang:

This year's star studded group of alumni artists impressed and educated us! Alumni shared about their careers and life lessons learned.
Special thanks to our wonderful Alumni who took time out of their busy schedules to return to BHS and spend the day with us! And Rachel who virtually visited from Cambodia. You can see here presentation here: Rachel Faller Speaks Art Artist Alumni Day 2016
Rachel Faller- Fashion Designer and founder of TONLE
Lauren Vigneau- Graphic Designer and owner of BirchNine
Chris Coe-Photographer
Elizabeth Johnson Senior at Framingham State University, Product Development Intern with the TJX Companies
Robert Davison, Illustration, Syracuse University
Jacqueline Akerley, Graphic Design, Syracuse University
Kaitlyn Morneweck - Graphic Designer designer at
Jake Ursino - Montserrat College of Art -
Jenn Vachon, Designer at Isgenuity
Here are comments from current students about what they learned from the alumni:
"I learned from Kaitlyn that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You may not know what you want to do, but you still have a future. I also learned that if at first you fail, try again until you succeed. An example of this was when she applied for an internship at her dream job and did not get it. A few months later, she applied for a job at the same place and she was hired just hours later."
Jessica, Grade 9
"From Kaitlyn, I learned that figuring out what you want to do is difficult and not everyone is going to have a definite plan. Also, that failing is okay, because you will learn from your experiences and improve. I also learned from her that we should always be open to different options because you never know what might come your way. To get your dream job, you must truly work hard at what you want."
Ananya, Grade 9
"I learned that you should follow what you want no matter how hard and you will be happy in the end"
Tess, Grade 9
"I learned that I should take whatever opportunities come that come my way, no matter how small, because they can help me in the future."
Nina, Grade 12
"After listening to Architect Jenn Vachon and speak to us on Friday, I learned a lot about architecture and what goes into getting a job such as an architect. I learned that you have to pass many exams, tests and courses before you even start thinking about pursuing a career such as architecture or something similar to it. I also learned that as an architect, you get to work on many cool projects and use your creativity to build and design things for others."
Joey, Grade 9
"I learned from Artist Alumni day that going into college you are going to have to find yourself, and that even though times will be tough, you are going to become successful and happy if you are able to work hard, and keep going."
Sean, Grade 9

Photographer Chris Coe demonstrating his editing techniques
Special thanks to:
State Representative Ken Gordon for supporting our Art program and attending the event
Rosalyn Minassian for all of your support and help
Jenn Scheffer for all the tech support!
True North for the delicious breakfast
La Cascia's Bakery for the yummy treats

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