Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Burlington High School NEASC Update

Burlington High School’s request for the reinstatement of our NEASC accreditation has been supported by the Commission on Public Secondary Schools.  This decision came after a vote of the Commission at their October meeting where the committee reinstated Burlington High School as a fully accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Our recent Site Directed Visit on October 1st provided the background information for this positive vote. The visiting team had many commendations that clearly demonstrate that BHS has not been idle since our last visit in 2004. They also had several recommendations that will serve as a starting point as we begin preparations for our self study and decennial site visit, currently scheduled to be sometime in 2017.

The reinstatement of our accreditation will provide the staff at BHS the time and space to do the accreditation work well and in a way that does not disrupt our other school improvement efforts. Also, if any parent or student worried that our prior position with NEASC would have any adverse consequences on their college applications - our reinstatement should end this concern.

Moving forward, any questions regarding our reinstatement, or our work with the NEASC process, should be directed towards the administration at Burlington High School.

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