Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Want to Help at the BHS Post Graduation Party?

The Post Graduation Party committee is looking for volunteers to help chaperone the Post Grad Party which will be held at King's in Burlington (starts on Sunday evening, June 7, 2015 and goes through the night until 5 am on Monday, June 8, 2015).  We have 3 shifts but are in need of volunteers for 2nd and 3rd shift:

Midnight to 3 AM on Monday, June 8

3 AM to 5 AM on Monday, June 8
This is a fun, exciting, and safe event which is typically attended by over 95% of the graduating seniors.  Not only do the graduates have a great time, but the chaperones do too!
Any adult that does not have a senior at the party is welcome to chaperone.   If you are the parent of an underclassmen, we hope that you'll consider volunteering your time as we count on underclassmen parent volunteers each year to make the event happen - then when your child graduates, they will be able to attend this fun event and it will be your turn to sit back and relax knowing that your child is safe on graduation night.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email tpesiridis@rcn.com with your name, phone number and the shift you are available.  Tina can also be reached at 617-605-4496.
To learn more about the event, check out our website: http://bhspostgradparty.weebly.com/

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