Thursday, April 30, 2015

Middlesex SILS Awards Winners

Juniors Hannah Miksenas and Timothy Sullivan represented Burlington High School today at the annual Middlesex League Principals SILS Award Luncheon. The SILS Award is given to a junior girl and boy from each of the Middlesex League High Schools in recognition of students who most represent the following characteristics:  Scholarship, Integrity, Leadership, and Spirit.

I was proud to be with Timmy and Hannah as they received this award and to be able to share their accomplishments with other league principals and students. They both demonstrate the SILS qualities on a daily basis within the high school and throughout our greater community.  Both are honor students and members of the National Honor Society and both are excellent ambassadors of BHS through their various extracurriculars and leadership positions at BHS.
Congratulations to Timmy and Hannah!

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