Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Early College Planning Night Recap

Early College Planning Night, sponsored by the Burlington High School Guidance Department, was well attended. Parents of students in Kindergarten through 8th grade were present. Jonathan Hughes from MEFA gave a very detailed and informative presentation. Many facets of financial aid were covered. Click here to view a copy of the slides covered that night.

Jonathan discussed the College Navigator Web-Site which gives tuition prices, % of students receiving merit aid and % of students receiving need based aid. We encourage parents to further research this web-site. The other two hot topics of the night were the Massachusetts U Fund 529 Plan and the U Plan Prepaid Tuition Program. One quote that resonated with the audience was "Children are 3 times likelier to enroll in college and 4 times more likelier to graduate if their parents save for them". Jonathan also made a great blog post about saving tax refunds for college savings. 

For Parents that missed the event it will be televised and streamed on BCAT Monday April 6th to Friday April 10th at 3:00PM and 11:00PM, and Saturday and Sunday at 9AM and 10:30PM.

Click here for the link to view the presentation on demand. 

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