Friday, April 10, 2015

Burlington Students Published in the Marble Collection

Congratulations to the Burlington students selected for publication in The Marble Collection: Massachusetts high School Magazine of the Arts Spring 2015, the only statewide print and online magazine of the arts featuring jury-selected artwork, writing, and spoken word poetry & storytelling video by students in grades 8 to 12. 

The Marble Collection

Of the sixty students whose work will be published in the magazine, twelve are currently in the Burlington school district.

Alison Hefler, Burlington High School  
Briana Lo Russo, Burlington High School              
Erin Kerr, Marshall Simonds Middle School
Ginger Boodakian, Burlington High School      
Joel Hagan, Burlington High School      
Kosta Stamides, Burlington High School                
Madison Hoyt, Burlington High School  
Marissa Walker, Burlington High School          
Melanie Fulcher, Burlington High School        
Melanie Sunnerberg, Burlington High School  
Neil Pandit, Marshall Simonds Middle School
Sarah Owens, Marshall Simonds Middle School

Published works were selected from teen submissions from 200 schools and community organizations across Massachusetts. All published works are juror-selected to ensure artistic excellence. Through this selective process, The Marble Collection strives to publish the most diverse and acclaimed collection of work.

All published teen artists and writers have the opportunity to participate with TMC’s free Student Mentoring Workshop, in which they are partnered with college student mentors who help them refine their voices and guide their work to publication.

The Marble Collection: Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts is set for release this May 2015. 

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