Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ASPEN Report Card Update

Quarter 3 Report cards were mailed home on Monday, so most families should expect to see those in the mail today, Tuesday.  Parents and guardians will also receive an email tomorrow, Wednesday, notifying them that a digital version of the report card is available in the family portal. 

This term, we are providing report cards in both paper and digital formats.  However, starting at the end of Quarter 4, report cards will only be distributed in a digital format through the Aspen Family Portal.

Quick Review of this years reporting changes...

Progress Reports

Burlington High School is no longer preparing mid-term progress reports.  Through the Aspen Family Portal, parents and guardians can now access their child’s academic progress at any time throughout the term.  BHS will send a reminder email half-way through the term and send a warning email when a student is in danger of failing a course.  However, there is no progress report since families have access to their child’s grades at all times.

Report Cards

Burlington High School will continue to prepare report cards, however they will be provided in a different method.  Starting in Quarter 4, Burlington High School will no longer print and mail paper copies of student report cards.  Instead, a digital copy of the report card will be made available in the Aspen Family Portal.  You will receive an email when the digital report card is published and available in the portal.  

Retrieving published reports...

When a report card is published, you will see it appear in the published reports box on the Aspen Home Page.  

Getting support…

If you have trouble getting into the family portal, please contact the Student Information Office at studentinfo@bpsk12.org.

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