Wednesday, March 4, 2015


This year’s Foreign Language Week will be celebrated nationwide starting March 9th – 13th.  You can learn more about National Foreign Language Week’s history through the official sponsor’s site: Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society.  This year’s NFLW’s theme is “Learn a Foreign Language, Gain a New Perspective“.  At Burlington High School, the Foreign Language department spearheads various in-school and after school activities to promote the study of foreign languages and cultures at BHS.  On Monday, March 9th during 7th period, FL classes that meet during that period will host a breakfast event in the BHS cafeteria.  FL students will prepare typical dishes from various regions and learn about unfamiliar foods and their background.  In addition, students that are in a FL club can participate in the FL Volleyball tournament, which will be held Tuesday, March 10th after school in the wooden gym.  Later in the week, students will participate in our 3rd Annual Cake Off event.  French and Spanish students will challenge each other in a “cake off” on Thursday, March 12th while Latin and Italian students will “cake off” on Friday, March 13th.  Student volunteers will design cakes that represent their studied language and BHS faculty and staff will vote on the best cake(s) on those days.
The BHS Foreign Language department is excited to celebrate NFLW and encourages all students to value the importance of foreign language and culture study, which has positive impacts on future studies and careers!
Join us next week as we celebrate, socialize, and have fun speaking foreign languages!

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