Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Student Nominated for the American Vision and Voices Award

Anjali Seereeram (class of 2015) has had her short story "Youth" nominated for the American Vision and Voices Award in Massachusetts, as a part of the Scholastic Writing Awards. This nomination is exceedingly rare, as only 5 pieces of artwork and 5 pieces of written work are nominated every year, and Scholastic receives over 15,000 submissions per year in Massachusetts. This year, there were over 1,300 written submissions, and Anjali's story has been selected as one of the top five. The other four nominees were selected from four other written genres (Poetry, Play, Essay & Flash Fiction), so Anjali's story is already the best of the Short Story submissions in Massachusetts this year.

She and the other four nominees will have their work forwarded on to the national American Voices competition to determine the very best in written submissions this year, and the national winners will be announced in mid-March. 

You can read Anjali's story on the English Department's webpage.

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