Tuesday, January 6, 2015

BHS Students Published in the Marble Collection

Thanks to BPS Art Coordinator George Ratkevich and BHS English Department Head Ben Lally for the information below:

The 2015 edition of The Marble Collection has just come out, and we’re excited to report that three BHS writers, in addition to over a half-dozen BHS artists, have had their original work printed in the magazine. This edition marks the highest number of BHS students to appear in any edition of the magazine. There is a copy of the 2015 edition of the Marble Collection, Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, in the high school library, one in the English Department and one in the Art Department office. GDT Northeast, a local technology firm, has generously sponsored a one-year subscription for the school library, the art department, and the English department.

Nineteen of the fifty-nine pieces in the winter edition of the Marble Collection are by Burlington students. Burlington students who have either writing or artwork published in the issue include:

Ryan Johnson (art) (2)
Julia Feist (art) (4)
Olivia Sheldon (art)
Amanda Gregorio (art)
Keri Cucinotta (art) (2)
Samantha Poulin (art)
Leanne Worob (art)
Kavya Sebastian (fiction)
Mackenzie Ellis (art)
Bolla Fokum (art)
Ariana Orne (poetry)(2)
Evan Holman (art)
MIchaela Catherine LaPrise (poetry)

The Marble Collection (TMC) is a nonprofit organization that publishes the only statewide print and online magazine of the arts featuring jury-selected artwork and writing by students in grades 8 to 12. They also offer innovative e-Mentoring workshops that partner teen writers and artists with college-level mentors who help them refine their voices and guide their work to publication.

Older issues of the magazine, which also include the work of Burlington students, are available for free online viewing at http://themarblecollection.org.

Congratulations to all of the BHS students who got in and all the teachers who supported them in their efforts!

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