Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Traditions / Idle Hands

Holiday Traditions and an afternoon of Idle Hands were held today at BHS. These events are an annual tradition that I look forward to every year. These are school-wide events for all of our 1,000+ students and staff. They help to foster a spirit of inclusiveness and an open environment that helps make BHS such a vibrant community.

Holiday Traditions provides an opportunity for students and different clubs at BHS to express their diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Students and their families may prepare food, design a poster and explain to others about their culture as well as go around and learn about the cultures of others.  There is music, dancing, education, and the always popular Grinch being played by the BHS Band. Thanks to Mr. Adam Chiocca and the students in the Multicultural Club for organizing the event.

Idle Hands is BHS's improv troupe. For the past six years, ever since the group's inception, we've performed improv (which are unscripted performances, like what you'd see on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?) Thanks to Mrs. Anne Ford and all the students in Idle Hands for organizing and performing today.

Enjoy some videos and pictures from today, Happy Holidays!

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