Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ed Gerety Returns to Speak to BHS Students

Burlington High School students were fortunate to listen to Mr. Ed Gerety today.  Mr. Gerety is a motivational speaker and leadership trainer who delivered a talk focused on key principles and skills that are essential to developing students.  Ed's message was geared to enhance our already positive school climate and remind our students how important the following traits are:  Respect, Responsibility, good decision-making, goal setting, attitude, gratitude, and being kind. 

Mr. Gerety's visit is in conjunction with BHS's Be Smart Program.  Throughout the year, BHS sponsors programs and activities that educate and promote many of Ed's messages:

  • The power of respect and responsibility
  • The impact and consequences of our choices and decisions
  • The issues of bullying, peer pressure, and drugs/alcohol
  • Appreciation for our abilities and the people in our life
  • The courage to believe in oneself
  • The power we have to reach out and make a difference

Other speakers who will be at Burlington High School this year are:

Kathi Meyer Sullivan with Campbell, Campbell, Edwards & Conroy (Parent Night)

Mr. Gerety captured students' attention through his high energy and interactive approach. His humor, passion, and personal experiences helped drive his message home with our students - stand up for your greatness, be grateful for what you have, be responsible, be kind, and always stay passionate and positive.

Mr. Gerety, without a doubt left an impression on our students.  You can see what students posted on twitter following his visit:

AMAZING Time today listening to @EdGerety. building strong ideas and bringing people higher. That's what life is all about. #BeThankful

That was truly amazing. you are truly an amazing and inspirational man. I now realize how thankful I am for everything. God bless
I made a Twitter just to thank for inspiring me today

God bless you Ed Gerety, most inspirational speech I've heard thank you.

Just had the most inspirational assembly ever

Thanks for the making my day with your amazing perspective on being positive!

"New chapter of life starts now." - couldn't be more true

Today has been and inspiring day thanks to

Wow inspirational man and great public speaker

Feeling inspired by #bhschat#digcit

To conclude his presentation, Mr. Gerety had the whole class of 2018 'work together' to 'make rain', you can see a short clip below from last year (the audio didn't work on this year's)! 

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