Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 Junior Book Awards

Burlington High School held its annual Junior Book Awards ceremony on June 13th. This ceremony celebrates excellence in academics, leadership, service, and personal character – and these attributes are reinforced in almost every individual award's criteria.  the young men and women recognized at the book awards were selected by a faculty committee for their accomplishments and their contributions not only at BHS but to the local community as well. Congratulations to all the recipients on what I am sure will be the first of many recognitions - all the students should be proud.

Brown - TJ Horgan
Boston Conservatory - Rachel Seeley
Cornell - Yash Kamani
Dartmouth - Amanda O'Donnell
Harvard - Michael Seleman
Holy Cross - Needa Shaikh
University of Pennsylvania - Nikhil Thakkar
Merrimack College - Shivesh Shah
Rensselaer Poly Tech - Ansh Bhammar
George Washington - Arvind Pasupuleti
St. Anselms - Manas Purohit
Saint Michaels - Colin Raposo & Mollie Mukulski
Smith - Stuti Shah
Tufts - Ashay Lokhande
Wellesley - Rachel Czerwinski
Yale - Kumaraman Srivastav
Lance Corporal Gregory MacDonald - Anjali Seereeram
BHS Principal's Award - Xavier Little
John Nolan Award - Kush Patel
Karen Plasse Award - Divyansh Shah
James Trentini Award - Shravyva Sakunala
Kenton Wells Award - Eric Salina
Edward F. Young Award - Michaela Mazure
21st century Awards Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 - Leonard Thelusma, Joel Rocca, Nicole Carlo, Michael Fucci

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