Monday, May 19, 2014

32nd Annual Teenager of the Year Awards Banquet

The 32nd annual Teenager of the Year Awards Banquet was held at the Billerica Elks yesterday. Special thanks to Ms. Deacon for organizing Burlington's end of the program and for taking time on her Sunday to attend with the students and their families.  Thank you also to the Billerica Elks and Ron Fusco for coordinating the Teenager of the Month Program.

Congratulations to all this year's Students of the Month from Billerica High School, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School and in particular the students from Burlington High School:  

Holly Cullinan, Stephanie Desrochers, Nick Fahey, Irina Grigoryeva, Matthew Martin, Pranav Menon, Rachel Murgo ,Emily O’Neill, Amit Patel, Shamsh Shaik, Tim Sunnerberg, Rachel Vozikas, Mark Whitney, Lina Wu

I am also happy to announce that Burlington High School's Teenager of the Year, and recipient of a $750.00 scholarship from the Billerica Lodge #271 is Pranav Menon.  Congratulations to Pranav on a well deserved recognition, you can read Pranav's Teen of the Year bio here.

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