Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guest Post on the Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation by Jack Ferren

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Are you or your child entering or reentering college? Click here for information about Burlington’s Chapter of Dollars for Scholars
In 2013, the Burlington Community Scholarship Foundation (BCSF) awarded 38 scholarships to high school graduates for a total of $80,000. In addition, the Adopt-a-Class program sponsored by Northern Bank & Trust awarded 28 scholars for a total of $22,500. Finally, the BCSF also awarded 6 scholarships, totaling $12,000, to Burlington Adults who either returned or started taking college courses.
Additionally, Burlington High School awarded $ 205,000 under the BCSF umbrella for a grand total of 397 individual scholarships totaling $315,000 in 2013.  
Whether you are entering college, returning to college, or continuing in graduate school, scholarships are available to you. Help is just a click away! For further information, you can also contact me at jferren@bcsfds.org.

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