Friday, November 22, 2013

The Devil's Advocate

From the Advocate Blog, students reading the paper
Looking for a fall sports update?  Looking to check out new staff profiles at Burlington High School? Looking for some updates on BHS happenings?  Or are you just looking for a really good school newspaper to read?

Well, we have all those and more covered.  Check out the 2013 Fall Edition of Burlington High School's Devil's Advocate.

Thanks to Mrs. Callie Graham and all the Journalism students' (listed below) hard work on the paper.

Editors-in-Chieff:  Pranav Menon & TJ Horgan
News Editor:  Adil Sageer
Arts & Entertainment Editor:  Aroa Munoz
Features Editor:  TJ Horgan
Opinion Editor:  Pranav Menon
Sports Editor:  Matt Ryan
Advertising Editor:  Griffin Sullivan
Staff Writers:  Kyle Barry, Lindsay Corbett, Chenaniah Errisson-Johnson, Emmet Funchion, Coulter Ralston, Kevin Shannon, & Matthew Tierney
Staff Assistant:  Benny Grubner

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