Friday, November 8, 2013

Celebrating Veterans Day at BHS

Today at Burlington High School we commemorated Veterans Day by honoring the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces.  Our great Nation has persevered through the leadership and sacrifices of these men and women who have served, or are currently serving, in our Armed Forces.

Special thanks to State Representative Ken Gordon for being our guest speaker, the BHS band and chorus for their various patriotic songs and instrumentals, and student speakers Jordan Matheison, Allie Hardy, and Nick Merlino for reading the pledge of allegiance and President Barack Obama's 2013 Veterans Day Proclamation.

Veterans Day is important because we choose to honor the veterans who have done so much for us. But we must honor them with deeds, not just words and there are many ways to do this. you can tell a veteran you appreciate the sacrifices and hardships that they have endured for our freedom.  Take time to attend local Veterans Day Services this weekend, or participate in a US troops care package program.  In whatever way you choose, in the simplest way, please remember to thank a veteran for their service to our country.  

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