Thursday, September 19, 2013

Updating BHS iPads and Insurance Reminder

There are two important messages regarding student iPads.

The first message is that Apple has released the newest version of the software that runs iPads, called iOS7. This is a necessary update for you to make- and it is best done at home. Students want to make sure they've backed-up data (via iCloud or otherwise) before this (or any other) major update. To perform the update, go into "Settings" and then into "General." You'll find a menu that says "Software Update" there, and inside that it should offer you the ability to update to iOS7. We are asking that you make this update over this weekend. A couple of notes:

1. The update will need 3.1gb of free space on your device. You may find that you need to delete some things (videos, photos, apps) in order to free up that space. That said, when the update is complete you will have that space back- it's only needed for the update process.
2. The update may, depending on the speed of the network you use, take some time. Please be patient. It is best if your iPad is plugged into the charger during this, as anything less than a 50% battery (at any point in the process) will cancel the update.
3. The look (and icons, and functions) of your iPad will be very different once this update is complete- please take some time to familiarize yourself accordingly.

The second message is regarding the Profiles that BHS has installed on every iPad. We are asking that if the BHS profiles are removed (for any reason), they be re-installed on your device. Deleting the school's profiles is against the Acceptable Use Policy (students and guardians signed off on at the time of taking the iPad). We will begin checks for these profiles in the next week or two. If you have deleted them, re-install them.  Staff will be following up with people who continue to not have BHS profiles installed on their iPads.  Students could possibly be subject to the disciplinary code in the student handbook for violating our AUP. If you are unsure if you have the profiles installed, you should:

1. Go into "Settings"
2. Scroll to the very bottom of the right column
3. Under "Profiles" you should see "4 Profiles Installed"
4. If you have anything less than 4 profiles, you need to re-install them.
In order to install those profiles, please follow the steps below while on BHS's wifi:
1. Open Safari
2. In the menu bar, type "it/enroll" (without the quotes, please)
3. At the user name and password prompt, enter "test" for both (again, without the quotes)
4. Begin to agree/yes/done in response to every prompt.
5. Check under the instructions above that you have 4 Profiles Installed at the end of the process.

If you have any problems or concerns about this or anything else regarding your iPad, your first stop should be to the BHS Help Desk in the lower library. They are fully able to guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

Also as a reminder, insurance is strongly encouraged for your iPad.  We have two options Worth Ave and GoCare (the GoCare window for new policies closes tomorrow and will not open for new policies until January).

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