Saturday, August 31, 2013

Parent Resources from Mrs. Scheffer and the BHS Help Desk

Thanks to Mrs. Scheffer and the BHS Help Desk for this post about parent resources.

As a 1:1 learning environment, Burlington Public Schools are committed to preparing students to be responsible and productive digital citizens. To achieve this goal, all schools in the district provide age appropriate digital citizenship education. Topics in the curriculum include Internet safety, privacy and security, online relationships and communication, information literacy and copyrights, and cyberbullying and self-image. Extending digital citizenship education beyond the classrooms and into the home is the best way to support your children as they navigate their way through an increasingly complex digital world.
Being aware of current and emerging technologies, including social media, is important in keeping your children safe and productive online. However, with technology changing so rapidly, we realize keeping up with your children in a digital age may be a challenge. With so much information available online, you may be asking yourself, “where do I being?” This year, the BHS Help Desk is offering support to parents and has compiled a list of helpful resources for all grade levels. We hope these resources will serve as a starting point for conversations with your child about his or her online activities and behaviors. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or comments.
Resources from Google’s “Good To Know” Guide to Staying Safe & Secure Online

Resources from Common Sense Media
Parent guides provided by
Resources from Facebook’s Family Safety Center
Resources from Joe Mazza- Lead Learner, Knapp Elementary School, Penn.
eFace Today-Joe’s parent centered blog
Resources from Edutopia
Transition Resources for Parents (elementary, middle, and high school transition advice)
The PBS Parents Page (Resources for Pre-K through high school)
Resources from parent, author, blogger, and speaker Will Richardson

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