Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BPS Summer Tech Events

The BPS EdTech team will be hosting summer events open to all Burlington teachers. Burlington teachers can bundle attendance hours from these events for BPS inservice credits. Teachers can earn one inservice credit for ten contact hours with a maximum of three inservice credits.

Third Annual Massachusetts Digital Publication CollaborativeJune 26-28 at Marshall Simonds Middle School
This event provides support and guidance for the curation and creation of digital content, lessons, and courses. Members of the EdTech team, Student HelpDesk, and educators from around New England work together to create and update materials for use with digital technology and 1:1 classrooms.

Registration is still open for #MADPC

BPS Summer EdCamp Tuesdays
Tuesdays Beginning July 9 at Marshall Simonds Middle School 8am-12pm

The BPS EdTech team and Student HelpDesk will offer educational sessions open to all BPS staff as well as other districts. The informal sessions will provide a place for teachers to learn about new educational technology resources and applications. These sessions provide a great opportunity to learn more about iPads in the classroom and Google Apps for Education.

There is no need to register for #edcampsummer

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