Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Junior Book Awards

2013 Book Award Winners, photo courtesy of Mr. Wayne Little

Congratulations to all the students who were chosen as 2013 Book Award recipients.  The Book Awards celebrate excellence in academics, leadership, service, and personal character – In fact, you here those attributes reinforced in almost each individual award’s criteria.  The young men and women listed below were selected for an award based on their accomplishments and their contributions not only at Burlington High School but to the local community as well.  Congratulations to all the students and their families who helped guide them to this point in their academic careers.

Brown: Dora Kadish
Boston Conservatory: Michael Garcia
Cornell: Amit Patel
Dartmouth: Matt Martin
Harvard: Stephanie Desrochers
Holy Cross: Timothy Sunnerberg
University of Pennsylvania: Gilad Oved
Merrimack College: Holly Cullinan
Rensselaer Poly Tech: Lina Wu
George Washington: Rachel Murgo
Rhode Island School of Design: Kayla Joliat
St Anselms: Jonathan Chellali
Saint Michael's: Sarah Horowitz and Harsh Dedhiya
Smith: Samantha Lee
Tufts: Nick Merlino
Wellesley: Irina Grigoryeva
Yale: Shamsh Shaikh
Lance Corporal Gregory: George Tsitsopoulos
Principal's Awards: Mark Whitney
The John Nolan Award: Rachel Merullo
The Karen Plasse Book: Samantha Hovasse
THe James Trentini Award: Jordan Mathieson
The Kenton Wells : Nicholas Fahey
The Edward F. Young: Courtney Koffink
12th Grade 21st Century Award: Wynn Wiggins
11th Grade 21st Century Award: Jonathan Garcia
10th Grade Century Award: John O'Sullivan

9th Grade 21st Century Award: Kailey Sparks

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