Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Guest Post from Mr. Keith Mistler: BHS Art Trip to NYC 2013

On Friday, April 26th, fifty of our art students and five teachers traveled to New York City in order to gain more experience in art. We visited MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) where students witnessed artwork by renowned artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh. Seeing artwork in person is an experience that students will never forget. Digital reproductions cannot mimic the brushstrokes or the way the light hits the piece. We also visited the galleries in SOHO, a rich artistic neighborhood with a history of famous artists gracing the neighborhood. With its cobblestone streets and New York style boutiques, student really enjoyed the experience of being in the city and seeing so much artwork. One thing was for sure: they were all exhausted when we were done!

After MOMA, students visited the MLB fan cave, which is an interactive experience created by Major League Baseball. Although many students may not be interested in baseball, this fan cave really catered to all different types of interests. Jason Yeadon, an alumni of BHS and the art program, now works at MLB and invited us to the fan cave. I'd like to  give a special thanks to Ms. Chang for setting this up. Although Jason wasn't my student, this is a proud moment for all art teachers; seeing a former student excel in art really makes us feel so wonderful. We in the BHS art department are so proud of Jason and his accomplishments in graphic design (and life!). Thank you Jason for inviting us!

About the MLB Fan Cave and BHS alum Jason Yeadon:

Now into its third season, the MLB Fan Cave is a powerful marketing platform that
engages fans digitally, experientially, and socially. Through MLB player and celebrity
visits, concerts, an art gallery and more, the MLB Fan Cave serves as the intersection of Baseball and pop culture. The MLB Fan Cave is both a local destination in the heart of Greenwich Village and a national content platform ( directly connecting with fans like never before.

There are 9 "super-fans" also know as "cave dwellers" that watch all 2,430 games of the MLB season... yes that means they do not get a day off and are in the cave all baseball season. They regularly interview players and act in skits and funny short videos with these celebrities. The videos are posted to and shared through social media.

As a designer for Major League Baseball Jason is responsible for the overall look of the Fan Cave, prop and set design, social media graphics and activation for MLB sponsors. He is also responsible for design involving the All-Star game and Postseason when it relates to the MLB Fan Cave and social media.

Jason graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in communication design. He took many art classes at BHS and also played football, track and hockey. According to Jason, "My art and sports background is what attracted me to MLB. BHS really prepared me for a career in design and without the amazing teachers I had or the variety of art classes I was offered to take I would not be where I am today."

View the pictures from the MLB fan cave below:

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