Monday, May 6, 2013

BHS Students Visit Costa Rica

BHS students visit a school in Montverde
Over April vacation, a group of Burlington juniors and seniors traveled to Costa
Rica for the First Annual Global Student Leader’s Summit on Environmental
Sustainability. The BHS travelers included Molly Gilpin, Sarah Hood, Catherine
Carlson, Courtney Koffink, Natasha Chaterjee, Emma Cannon, and science teacher,
Ms. McInerney. The group spent 8 days traveling around Costa Rica, learning about
the environment- they hiked a volcanic park and went white water rafting in the
Northwestern province of Guanacaste, zip-lined and explored the nighttime wildlife
in the mountains of Monteverde, and participated in a 2 day summit in the capital
of San Jose where they heard famous environmental activists Al Gore and Severn
Suzuki-Cullis speak. While traveling in this amazing country, the students gained a
greater appreciation for the environment and learned firsthand how Costa Rica has
become a world wide environmental leader.

Hiking in the Cloud Forest

Planting a tree for Earth Day

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