Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World Book Night – 4/23 – Students Win a Free Book

World Book Night is here! We have 80 books to distribute – 20 copies of each of the following:

Fahrenheit 451 – a dystopia about a society that has banned literature
Good Omens – a comedy about an angel and a demon who attempt to save earth from the Apocalypse
Looking For Alaska – A young adult novel by John Green – seriously, just ask your friends
The Tender Bar – a memoir about the author as a young boy, being raised without a father, who finds community in his neighborhood bar
We have set aside some copies for individual distribution, but there are three ways that you can get a free copy of a great book (which has been specially printed for this event!)
1) Look for copies of Word Wealth around BHS – if you see one, look inside it – it may have a free book within the cover! Find it, and it’s yours.

“I hold the key to great literacy – I always have”

2) BHS Scavenger Hunt – We have two scavenger hunts running at BHS. Each has five posts – if you are one of the first two students to provide the correct answer at a post, you get a free book! If the post has given away its 2 copies, then you’ll have to follow along to the next post.
The first questions:
(A) From the main lobby, you can see two current BHS teachers along the wall of valedictorians and scholar athletes, and a third helped paint the school’s mission statement on the wall. Name all three teachers. Bring your answer to Ms. Deacon or Mr. Sheehan
(B) What is the sum of the four numbers that are on the framed jerseys outside of the gym? Bring your answer to Ms. Boyle – Math Department
Please note: You may not win more than one book in the scavenger hunt
3) Lottery - To enter the lottery, retweet the post on our Department’s Twitter feed that advertises this event between now and the end of the school day on Tuesday! Students, teachers and administrators will be randomly selected as winners, and the winners will be announced at the end of the school day.
Good luck!

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