Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Architecture Students Learning Outside the Classroom

BHS Students 'learning outside the classroom'

Daniel Ricardelli
Today my architecture class visited Bergmeyer Associates in Boston. At Bergmeyer and Associates we met Daniel Ricardelli, a former student of our teacher, and he told us a lot about how much he loved architecture. Also, he told us about his journey through and after high school and gave us a lot of information about what he does on a daily basis and what he plans to accomplish. We also met Bill Spaulding who took us on a tour of their space. He explained everything from wall colors to specific jobs he does on a daily basis. Also, he told us a little more about the company. He told us about their clients and past projects they've even completed in our hometown, along with LEED buildings they've worked on and are extremely proud of. Lastly, we met Janet Tatten who told us what we need to do to make a good impression and hopefully one day get an internship or even a paying job with companies like Bermeyer and Associates.

Overall, Boston is a great city when studying architecture. The views of both spaces we visited were both beautiful and inspiring. It must be a little easier to work as an architect when your surrounded by so much of it in Boston to inspire you. I learned a lot about the daily routines of architects as well as the process it takes to become one. I loved this field trip and had an amazing time!

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