Friday, October 5, 2012

New Staff Profile, Ms. Vigneau

Thank you again to the Devils Advocate for creating our new staff profiles.

By: Catherine Han
Ms. Jaclyn Vigneau, a Burlington High School graduate of 2002, has come back to her own school to give back as a special education teacher. Throughout BHS, many students know of teachers whom last names are Vigneau. Although, Ms.Vigneau is a new teacher to BHS; she has relatives in the building including, Mr. Vigneau is her cousin, who teaches business and Mrs. Vigneau is her aunt who teaches design.
As a former graduate of BHS, she remembers having fond memories, but many of the teacher she had are no longer at the school. Some of her favorite classes were photography with Mr. Little, and graphic design with Mrs. Sullivan.
Ms. Vigneau teaches freshmen and sophomores special education in three math classes.
Many teachers have different opinions about iPad use since they were introduced at BHS last year. Ms. Vigneau is currently uncomfortable using the iPad but adds, “eventually I will because I am not sure how to work the device efficiently.”
Ms. Vigneau has been teaching for six years at many different schools as a special education teacher. She taught at Francis Wyman Elementary School for two years and transferred to a Billerica middle school for three years, teaching seventh and eighth grade. This is her first year teaching at BHS.
As being a former special education teacher at Francis Wyman, she remembers some of the students she had then who are now at the high school. She is surprised how much the students have grown from elementary to now young adults.
Currently, she is going back to school at Northeastern to get a Masters degree in Psychology. Also, she has a Masters degree in elementary special education.
She has always dreamed of teaching, and her dream came true. Ms. Vigneau teaches with a smile,  “ I always thought I would be an elementary teacher, instead of ending up in high school, but I enjoy working with older kids.”
Many teachers want to relax as well as the students. Some of Ms. Vigneau’s favorite hobbies consist of traveling and doing yoga. Also, she wants to get more involved with the school by becoming a soccer coach one day.
Ms. Vigneau may be new to the school, but her fantasy wish for the school is a connected Dunkin Donuts. She thinks the coffees shop should be open before, lunch, and after school. This would be really convenient for her and probably many other students.

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