Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Staff Profile, Ms. Marinaro

By Ada Wiggins
“It’s (pronounced) like the sauce only with an o at the end,” said Ms. Marinaro, one of Burlington High School’s newest faculty members.
Growing up in Philadelphia, PA with her younger sister,  Ms. Marinaro always knew that her passion was teaching. With high goals and a mind full of determination, Ms. Marinaro got into Boston University on a full scholarship and finally graduated with a degree in teaching in 2009.
Many events and experiences have shaped BHS’s new algebra teacher, that stands before the students of room 254. She has worked at schools in Framingham and Malden as both a middle school and  high school teacher. In college, she studied abroad in Australia as part of her teacher training. She finally made her way over to BHS in time for the 2012-2013 school year. “I heard from my friends that Burlington was a nice town,” said Ms. Marinaro, and so she decided to give Burlington a shot.
So far Ms. Marinaro is really liking working at BHS. She’s a little unfamiliar with the iPads, but she is very experienced with the smart board in her room.
When asked which she prefered to teach, middle school or high school, she immediately replied high school: “The students in high school are more mature, plus the middle school students (in Malden) kinda smelled,” said Ms. Mariano with a hearty laugh.
Outside the classroom Ms. Marinaro enjoys a numerous amount of activities. Being a native Philadelphian, she enjoys watching and following the results of the Philadelphia Eagles. When she was younger, she played soccer, danced, and loved to cheerlead. She hopes to do some coaching for Burlington sports later on down the road.
She loves to cook all sorts of food, especially Italian, and her favorite TV station is the Food Network. Most importantly though, Ms. Marinaro just wants all BHS students to know that she’s, “excited to be here!”  Whether it’s the students of BHS or her marinara sauce, Ms. Marinaro is ready to serve.

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