Monday, October 8, 2012

New Staff Profile, Mrs. Brumby

By: Vivek Patel
This is Ms. Brumby’s first year teaching history in Burlington High School and this is her first time leaving New Hampshire.
She is getting used to the transition to the iPads. She hasn’t used the iPad a lot yet, but she likes having access to everything right at fingertips.
She said, “It’s great that everybody has been welcoming to me and helpful of them to help me figure out where to go.”
She teaches juniors and seniors  sociology and world history.
This is her fourth year teaching history. She first taught history in Concord, New Hampshire for three years.
She was born and raised in New Hampshire. She knew from junior year in high school that she wanted to teach history. She went to University of New Hampshire and had never left New Hampshire until she came to BHS.
Mrs. Brumby adds, “I would be glad to be an adviser of a club.” but currently spends her free time baking, cooking, and reading a lot.

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