Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Staff Profile, Mr. Trevor Strobel

By: Kenny Tigges
Most students in Burlington High School think they know a lot about their teachers after the first month of school. Many students think all teachers do is teach and don’t know that their teachers have very interesting lives out side of school.
Some students at BHS have discovered Mr. Strobel, of the math department, is an interesting teacher who started off teaching in South Dakota for two years.  He started teaching right after he went to college at Madison College in South Dakota.  Mr. Strobel first taught school at the West Central School in South Dakota where he also coached boys’ basketball and track. Although he’s teaching in Burlington, he just moved to Medford two weeks ago.
He does not currently coach anything at BHS but he said “I would like to coach basketball and track again.” He also wants to create a computer/technology club.
Mr. Stobel loves to travel so he went to Australia for two years and taught there. Who ever thought one of your BHS teachers was also a teacher in Australia?  Mr.Strobel also went to South East Asia just to get away from home.
Mr. Strobel likes to be outside and go biking and hiking. He loves to watch football and one of his favorite teams is the Minnesota Vikings. He also likes to play Frisbee ball. Frisbee ball is when you have a disk and you try to hit chains, which North Easterners call “Frisbee Golf”. He explained it as similar to mini golf, only with a disk.
So far, Mr.Strobel says he likes being here with the students at Burlington High School.

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