Friday, October 12, 2012

New Staff Profile, Mr. Conceison

Thank you again to the Devils Advocate for creating our new staff profiles.

By Emma Hirsch
Mr. Conceison, a new substitute teacher at Burlington High School, has had many interesting adventures prior to now. He was born and raised in Burlington and graduated from BHS. Although he has only been subbing at BHS for the past two weeks, he had plenty of experience working at Stonehill College, where he worked since earning his degree there in 2007.
His real interest is becoming a guidance counselor. He loves meeting new kids and being able to help them. Mr.Conceison’s passion is getting the students to where they want to be. He likes helping them reach their goals in life.
To Mr. Conceison, the iPads and all the new technology is a real help to the students and teaching process. He believes it is a step in the right direction. Even though, being a sub, Mr.Conceison will not have a lot of exposure to the ipads he still believes they will help.
Outside of work he did a year of volunteering around the world. He volunteered for the company Americorps, which offers many different ways to help communities. Anything from tutoring disadvantaged children to building houses in other countries. This organization helps many people every day.
Mr. Conceison is also an avid hockey fan. He coaches the BHS JV team and even helps out with varsity, which is coached by his father. When he isn’t playing hockey, he is exercising or doing some outdoor activity. Hiking and running outdoors are two of his favorite after school hobbies. Mr. Conceison’s interesting life always finds its way back to Burlington and helping people. We all hope that he can stay a member of BHS for a long time.

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