Thursday, October 4, 2012

Message From the Burlington Drug & Alcohol Task force

Massachusetts’ youth smoke marijuana at a rate 30% higher than the national average.   Now a ballot question may cause the number of Massachusetts teen marijuana smokers to rise. 

The proposed law in ballot question 3 has notable loopholes that require further examination. To educate the public about how this law is written, the Burlington Drug & Alcohol Task Force will hold a community forum on Tuesday October 9 at 7pm in the Murray-Kelly Wing of the Council on Aging at 61 Center Street. 
Presentation of the specific details of this controversial proposed law will include:
  • No minimum age requirement to purchase marijuana.
  • 35 marijuana dispensaries in the state in the first year. More can open after the first year.   
  •  Non-medical employees will distribute marijuana instead of doctors, nurses, pharmacists or health professionals.
  • Legal possession of a 60-day supply of marijuana. The exact amount is undefined.
  • Growing marijuana plants in the home.
  • Any illness can qualify for marijuana, not just serious or terminal illnesses.
  • Marijuana laced foods would also be allowed.
  • Marijuana remains illegal under federal law regardless of how Massachusetts votes.
For more information please attend this educational forum on marijuana Tuesday October 9, at 7pm at the Murray Murray-Kelly Wing of the Council on Aging, 61 Center Street, Burlington MA.

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