Friday, October 12, 2012

Kathi Meyer Visits BHS

Kathi speaking to students.
Taylor is pictured on screen.
Today, BHS juniors and seniors had the opportunity to listen to Kathi Meyers, a mother and speaker.  Kathi shares the story of her daughter, Taylor, who passed away in 2008.  To learn more about Taylor you can visit Taylor's memorial page.

Celebrating homecoming week.  Before a Friday night football game, Taylor and her friends decided to drink.  After the game Taylor and her friends went to an abandoned airport in Norfolk to continue their party.  After an argument with a  girlfriend, Taylor walked off, alone,  through a wooded area.  Lost, cold and confused Taylor ultimately drowned in two feet of water.  Kathi acknowledges that this series of bad decisions by Taylor and her friends is what ultimately led to Taylor's death.

students lined up to thank Kathi after
sharing her story.
Kathi shared this emotional story, lots of hugs and a powerful message about making good decisions, loving/trusting your family, and most importantly taking care of yourself and your friends.

Thank you Kathi for sharing your story with the students and faculty at Burlington High School.

Kathi's message is one that our students will hear throughout the year, make good decisions.  This message can be about alcohol use, texting and driving, drugs, or any other dangerous/destructive decisions that our students are faced with.  Mrs. Doughty, Ms. Deacon, and our SADD club (students against destructive decisions) have speakers and events planned throughout the year to remind our community about the importance of good decision making and the consequences you may face as a result of bad decisions.  kathi's story certainly reminded us of that today.

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